Shumo Chu

Office: CSE 374 [location]
Twitter: @shumochu


I am a PhD student at University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering. I am advised by Prof. Dan Suciu. I am working with collegues from DB Group and PLSE Group to build an automated reasoning tool for database queries. I am very fortunate to have been advised by Prof. Magdalena Balazinska on my master thesis (Check out Myria project).

I had several wonderful internships at Microsoft Research (Beijing, Redmond) and Google’s Spanner Team. Before UW, I was working with Prof. James Cheng at NTU, Singapore. I obtained my bachelor degree from Wuhan University, China.

If you are an undergrad at UW who wants to do research with me, please send me an email if you:

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Automated Reasoning of Database Queries

Axiomatic Foundations and Algorithms for Deciding Semantic Equivalences of SQL Queries
Demonstration of the Cosette Automated SQL Prover
HoTTSQL: Proving Query Rewrites with Univalent SQL Semantics
Cosette: An Automated SQL Solver

Query Processing in Parallel Database Systems

From Theory to Practice: Efficient Join Query Evaluation in a Parallel Database System
Demonstration of the Myria Big Data Management Service

I/O-Efficient and Parallel Graph Algorithms

Triangle Listing in Massive Networks
Fast Algorithms for Maximal Clique Enumeration with Limited Memory
Efficient Processing of Distance Queries in Large Graphs: A Vertex Cover Approach
Triangle Listing in Massive Networks and Its Applications
Efficient Core Decomposition in Massive Networks

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains

The Curses of Blockchain Decentralization

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