Shumo Chu

Office: CSE 374 [location]


I am a PhD student at University of Washington Computer Science and Engineering. I am advised by Prof. Dan Suciu and Prof. Alvin Cheung. I am working with Konstantin Weitz on leveraging proof assistant to build a verified query optimizer. I am very fortunate to have been advised by Prof. Magdalena Balazinska.

I had several wonderful internships at Microsoft Research (Beijing, Redmond) and Google’s Spanner Team. Before UW, I was working with Prof. James Cheng at NTU, Singapore. I obtained my bachelor degree from Wuhan University, China.

I am interested in data management, programming languages and systems.




Demonstration of the Cosette Automated SQL Prover
HoTTSQL: Proving Query Rewrites with Univalent SQL Semantics
Cosette: An Automated SQL Solver
From Theory to Practice: Efficient Join Query Evaluation in a Parallel Database System
Demonstration of the Myria Big Data Management Service
Triangle Listing in Massive Networks
Fast Algorithms for Maximal Clique Enumeration with Limited Memory
Efficient Processing of Distance Queries in Large Graphs: A Vertex Cover Approach
Triangle Listing in Massive Networks and Its Applications
Efficient Core Decomposition in Massive Networks


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